Green Mobile in association with Push to Talk Ltd can now offer businesses push to talk services (PTT) on their mobile phones.

Widely used in the USA, Push To Talk is the newest, fastest and most cost effective communication system for business mobile phones. It’s like turning your mobile into a walkie-talkie but with a global range

‘Pressing just one button on your mobile lets you instantly talk to one or everybody in your chosen group at the same time’ says Adrian Potter, founder of Green Mobile.

How does it work?

  • We text you software that embeds itself into your mobile
  • The software automatically links to your contact group and sets up the Push To Talk button.
  • Press your Push To Talk button, wait for the beep, then begin to speak
  • Your message can be heard by everyone on your contact list
  • If you want to speak someone individually, just select that persons name from your contact list and press your Push To Talk button to talk
  • Whoever is pushing the button is the speaker

Push To Talk works by routing calls over the data connection on your mobile. Push To Talk only uses data when you speak. This means if you have a data package on your mobile all your Push To Talk calls could be free. Tests show that the average data use for Push To Talk is just 30 mega bytes per month.

 Green Mobile donates 5% of customers’ Push To Talk bill to their choice of our green charity partners – at no cost to the customer.  You can use this donation to offset your carbon or help support environmental endeavours.  So, this is the only ‘green’ Push To Talk in the world!

Find out more:

Green Mobile is so sure that your business will like Push To Talk that we offer a free one month trial (limited period only) to businesses with 5 or mobile phones.  Call Green Mobile’s customer service on 08452 333 333 and find out how your business can benefit from using Push To Talk. Our partner Push To Talk Limited can be contacted on 08452 334455 or via the website

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